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Uncertainty evaluation of dead zone of diagnostic ultrasound equipment

Show simple item record Souza, Raquel Monteiro Alvarenga, Andre Victor Braz, Douglas dos Santos Petrella, Lorena Itati Costa-Félix, Rodrigo Pereira Barretto da 2019-01-18T21:02:35Z 2019-01-18T21:02:35Z 2015
dc.description.abstract This paper presents a model for evaluating measurement uncertainty of a feature used in the assessment of ultrasound images: dead zone. The dead zone was measured by two technicians of the INMETRO’s Laboratory of Ultrasound using a phantom and following the standard IEC/TS 61390. The uncertainty model was proposed based on the Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement. For the tested equipment, results indicate a dead zone of 1.01 mm, and based on the proposed model, the expanded uncertainty was 0.17 mm. The proposed uncertainty model contributes as a novel way for metrological evaluation of diagnostic imaging by ultrasound. pt_BR
dc.format.extent 4 f. pt_BR
dc.language.iso Inglês pt_BR
dc.subject.classification Metrologia científica e aplicada pt_BR
dc.subject.classification Incerteza de medição pt_BR
dc.subject.classification Metrologia física pt_BR
dc.title Uncertainty evaluation of dead zone of diagnostic ultrasound equipment pt_BR
dc.type Artigo pt_BR
dc.rights.license É permitida a reprodução deste texto e os dados nele contidos, desde que citada a fonte. Reprodução para fins comerciais são proibidas. pt_BR
bom.learningResourceType Artigo científico pt_BR
dc.mediator Instituto Nacional de Metrologia Qualidade e Tecnologia (INMETRO) pt_BR
dc.mediator Sociedade Brasileira de Metrologia (SBM) pt_BR
dc.rights.type Termo de cessão SBM pt_BR
dc.subject.decs Metrologia pt_BR
dc.subject.decs Metrologia científica e aplicada pt_BR
dc.subject.decs Medição pt_BR
dc.subject.decs Incerteza de medição pt_BR
dc.subject.keyword Metrologia física pt_BR
dc.subject.keyword Expanded uncertainty pt_BR
dc.subject.keyword Incerteza expandida pt_BR
dc.subject.keyword Dead zone pt_BR
dc.subject.keyword Zona morta pt_BR
dc.subject.keyword Diagnostic ultrasound pt_BR
dc.subject.keyword Ultrassonografia diagnóstica pt_BR
dc.subject.keyword IEC/TS 61390 pt_BR
dc.subject.keyword Universidade de Coimbra pt_BR Brasil pt_BR

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