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Review of the Technical Metrological Regulation for flow computers and volume converters

Show simple item record Costa-Félix, Rodrigo Pereira Barretto da Almeida, Rodrigo Ornelas de Aguiar Junior, Edisio Alves de 2017-02-13T12:24:27Z 2017-02-13T12:24:27Z 2015
dc.description.abstract With the publication of Inmetro’s regulation n° 373/2014, Inmetro presented the proposal to review the regulation of flow computers and volume converters, whose scope now includes fiscal measurement, ownership, custody transfer, among others, of hydrocarbons liquids and natural gas. This new proposal provides improvements to the legal metrological control of these instruments in Brazil, while also broaden the scope from the previous regulation, the Inmetro’s regulation n° 64/2003. The purpose of this paper is to present these changes from a metrological point of view, and also clarify the transitional rules for the process. pt_BR
dc.format.extent 4 p. pt_BR
dc.language.iso Português (Brasil) pt_BR
dc.subject.classification Metrologia científica e aplicada pt_BR
dc.subject.classification Metrologia legal pt_BR
dc.title Review of the Technical Metrological Regulation for flow computers and volume converters pt_BR
dc.type Artigo pt_BR
dc.rights.license É permitida a reprodução deste texto e dos dados nele contidos, desde que citada a fonte. Reproduções para fins comerciais são proibidas. pt_BR
bom.learningResourceType Artigo científico pt_BR
dc.rights.type Autorização (para Produção Científica) pt_BR
dc.subject.decs Metrologia pt_BR
dc.subject.decs Metrologia científica e aplicada pt_BR
dc.subject.decs Metrologia legal pt_BR
dc.subject.decs Equipamento de verificação pt_BR
dc.subject.decs Controle metrológico legal pt_BR
dc.subject.decs Regulamento pt_BR
dc.subject.decs Instituto Nacional de Metrologia, Qualidade e Tecnologia pt_BR
dc.subject.keyword Regulamentação metrológica pt_BR Brasil pt_BR

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