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Modeling the heat treatment of sintered SmCo5 magnets

Show simple item record Campos, Marcos Flávio de Castro, José Adilson de Rios, Paulo Rangel Maksimov, Igor Ohata, Masaki Monroy, Marcela Reyes, Adrian Vospelova, Alena Mateuszuk, Agata Pawlina, Monika Koslowski, Wladyslaw Borges, Paulo Paschoal Fraga, Isabel Cristina Serta Marques, Bianca de Souza Rossini Dias, Júlio Cesar Kardash, Elena Champion, Rachel Dimitrova, Ludmila Xiu, Hongyu Pratt, Kenneth W. Giera, Janine Spitzer, Petra Mathiasová, Anna Nagibin, Sergey Gavrilkin, Vladimir Popova, Tatjana A. Pankratov, Vladimir V. Kovrizhnih, M. A. Meshkov, A. V. Efremova, O. V. Kustikov, Yury A. Musil, Stanislav Milton, Martin J. T. Rodriguez, Martius Vicente Rodriguez y Endre, Ricardo B. 2020-07-20T00:59:54Z 2020-07-20T00:59:54Z 2005
dc.identifier.citation CAMPOS, Marcos Flávio de; CASTRO, José Adilson de; RIOS, Paulo Rangel. Modeling the heat treatment of sintered SmCo5 magnets. In: INTERNATIONAL LATIN-AMERICAN CONFERENCE ON POWDER TECHNOLOGY, 5., 2005, Costa do Sauípe, BA.
dc.description.abstract The processing of SmCo5 sintered magnets involves a post-sintering heat treatment, where the intrinsic coercivity of the magnets may increase more than one order of magnitude. Variables of the heat treatment like time, temperature and cooling rate have strong influence on coercivity. We describe a method for modeling the heat treatment, which includes microstructural features as precipitate size and 2nd phase volume fraction. The numerical solution was obtained using the Finite Volume Method to solve Fick´s second law. Experimental data like the diffusion coefficient of Sm into SmCo5 phase and the Sm-Co phase Diagram are used for the modeling.
dc.format.extent 6 f. : il.
dc.language.iso eng
dc.rights Open Access
dc.title Modeling the heat treatment of sintered SmCo5 magnets
dc.type Artigo
dc.subject.keyword Imã permanente
dc.subject.keyword Tratamento térmico
dc.subject.keyword Método de volume finito
dc.subject.keyword Coercitividade

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